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Mohurs is an engine for offers & best card recommendation to pay for lifestyle, gas, grocery, movie tickets, travel, airlines, dining & other daily shopping. Paying the correct card at the right merchant maximizes miles, cashback, & points rewards program linked to cards. You can potentially save $500 or more yearly through more rewards accumulated. Mohurs app build on top of this engine are available in India & United States (US) market.

Thought Process

Before Mohurs was born, the team was already working in brick and mortar, doing the same business since a long time. Loyalty Payments thus gave rise to Mohurs which was created by four co-founders who came from different areas of expertise. The extensive experience of the Mohurs team met the perfect partner in Solute TechnoLabs; we helped them develop the applications that became an instant success


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Mohurs card recommendations APIs - any platform/merchant like bank, e-commerce, traveling can consume mohurs API to monetize existing platform to boost loyalty as consumers will use correct card at correct merchant to get more rewards.

Mohurs offers engine having


offers based on cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) & merchants

Mohurs App for iOS & Android build on top of Mohurs card recommendation & offer engine.


downloads across the iTunes, playstore and Amazon app stores

It is a white label solution

Business Impacts


Increased user engagement by more than

Business impacts - user engagement


Mohurs came to us with problem of solving “Which is best card to use while shopping to get maximum rewards & milestone”. We helped mohurs creating two engines “Best Card Recommendation” & “Offers Engine”. An algorithm is created for offers & card recommendation which will help to choose best card & offer on basis of user location & preferences.

the result

Result - Mohurs