SoluteLabs Quarterly Town Hall Synopsis

SoluteLabs Quarterly Town Hall Synopsis

Posted by Karan Shah

26 Jul 23 3 Min read

As we begin Q2 of 2023, the SoluteLabs team convened for our quarterly town hall. We celebrated our collective achievements and discussed aligning ourselves with upcoming goals. During this town hall meeting, people from all major departments make a presentation on their department’s Wins, Misses, and Goals Achieved in the last quarter and Planned for the next quarter. These departments include Delivery, Technology, Marketing, Sales, HR, L&D, and Finance.

We believe in the power of transparency, making these quarterly meetings crucial for sharing progress and charting the future trajectory of all SoluteLabs departments.

Team Members at the Quarterly Town Hall

Customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We consistently put our customers first, directing our efforts toward empowering excellence through exceptional services.

This quarter boasted fantastic accomplishments for the SoluteLabs team. We successfully completed our projects with Tufts University of Medicine and Pronto, a voice-based dating app. Long-standing clients have chosen to renew their existing engagements with us highlighting our ability to deliver value over time.

Our partner at Tufts University was very happy with our engagement and gave us a raving video review as well. Here is an excerpt from the interview

Client Feedback by Berri Jacque, Associate Professor of Medical Education, Tufts University

In the last quarter, our SoluteLabs website also logged 3.9M impressions, a 24% increase compared to Q4 of 2022. Out of the 100 blogs published in the last three months, 16 blogs ranked in the top position in Google SERP. Our team launched several successful campaigns that generated leads worldwide, predominantly from the USA, Singapore, Germany, the Middle East, and the UK. These campaigns increased our market visibility and effectively showcased our value propositions. As we undergo rebranding, our team is working on the launch of a new website and new campaigns in the upcoming quarter.

Our Learning and Development department assisted 14 team members in upskilling. We have team members who have completed the ISTQ8 Certification and developers proficient in TypeScript, CSS, and Webflow.

Embracing the Hybrid Work Model

As we continue to evolve, we believe it’s vital to adapt to the changing world of work. SoluteLabs is transitioning to a hybrid work model, offering a balance of remote and in-office work. This model provides our team members with the flexibility they desire while also fostering in-person collaboration when needed. To ensure a seamless transition, our HR team will assist team members with work schedule arrangements, travel guidelines, and advice on maintaining work-life balance. The comfort and productivity of all our team members remain our top priorities.

Wrapping Up

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all our team members. Their commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication to SoluteLabs shape who we are. For us, each team member matters. Every milestone we achieve is as much a personal victory as it is a company victory.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on our progress and achievements.