Landing Page Design That Converts

Landing Page Design That Converts: How-to Guide

Posted by Liakat Hossain

8 Feb 23 8 Min read

Landing pages are one of the most effective ways to convince the audience to make the final purchase or at least let them consider it. It naturally eliminates directions by removing competing links, navigations, and alternative options so you can capture your visitors’ undivided attention.

Whenever you plan to create an online business website and design your landing page, you should make it in such a way that the website converts your visitors to your leads and customers a long way. Let's get deeper into creating an effective landing page design that converts visitors.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that allows you to capture your site visitor’s contact information in exchange for an offer through a lead-capture form where visitors add details like name, address, job title, etc. It is where visitors turn into leads and customers.

This standalone web page is created especially for marketing or advertising campaigns and is distinct from your homepage or other pages. It is designed in a way to persuade users to take a particular action, like having users sign up for the newsletter or purchase a product.

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Why do you Need a Landing Page?

Here are some key reasons why you need a landing page.

1. Generate Leads:

These pages are designed to be focused, ensuring minimal distraction. Hence, simply by sending your leads to your targeted landing pages, you can capture leads at a higher rate.

2. Gather Information:

With the help of lead scoring software, you can collect specific information about your visitors. Each time a lead completes your conversion form on a landing page, you get a baseline of information about your leads. It can be any personal or demographic information, including name, contact no, email address, location or organization, that can help you with future audience targeting.

3. Offer Valuable Insights:

You can measure the effectiveness of your marketing offers by analyzing the metrics associated with your landing pages. You can track how engaged your targeted customers are and figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

4. Increase Brand Value:

A landing page provides you with the scope to tell your visitors what you are offering. And with a well-designed landing page, you can raise brand recognition, impress new visitors and turn them into leads making a fantastic first impression.

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How to Create a Landing Page Design that Converts?

Now the question is, what should the design look like and include?

Let’s get into more detail to get a clear concept of a landing page design that converts.

1. Craft Benefit-Focused Headline

Craft Benefit-Focused Headline

When we enter a landing page, the first thing we can see is a headline. It should be clearly illustrated and communicative thus; the visitor can understand the value and offer of your landing page. It has been seen that seven people from each ten who visit a landing page have a chance to bounce off. To keep this rate low, we need to make visitors know and understand your insights within seconds of their arrival. A to-the-point headline can save your visitors and hold the bounce rate low.

2. Defining Page Goals

Defining Page Goals

Determining a goal should be the first priority whenever you want to work on your landing page. A defining plan helps people to stay focused and keep moving on track. So it’s essential to fix the goal first, whether you want to use your landing page to collect customers’ mailing lists or to advertise your products. It can help to achieve the desired impact and deploy the proper optimisation techniques for the landing page.

3. Choose Compelling Creatives

Choose Compelling Creatives

The most vital component of a landing page is visual elements. Text can’t connect to the brain as much that visuals can. Visuals help the brain to process any information 60000 times faster than that text. The creatives and images can have a positive impact on a landing page. So when you are up to choosing creatives for your landing page, it would be better to choose something relevant to your brand. It would be best if you also kept in mind that the visuals you demonstrate your product or service value and are of good quality. If you have a set of images that perfectly showcase your brand's story, you can convert image to video for your landing page. By doing so, you can add a touch of motion to your website and engage your visitors more effectively. Moreover, videos can also help you communicate complex information more easily

4. Know the Right Way to Lay Out your Page

Know the Right Way to Lay Out your Page

An impressive layout is another crucial element of a landing page that converts. The aspects of your landing page need to be well arranged to engage your visitors. To make this sure, you can have a compelling headline and images in your layout to emphasize your message. You can also position your CTA button next to describe the features of your available product to boost conversion rates.

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5. Design an Engaging Call to Action (CTA)

Design an Engaging Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action (CTA) is considered the essential element on a landing page. It undoubtedly helps to increase the conversion rate. A call to action button should be clear and stand out, meaning what you want to say to the visitors. You can use color to your CTA button that contrasts with the rest of the elements of your page. You can use an action verb to clarify what you want to say, like download, submit or get it now to spell it out for your visitors.

6. Remove Unnecessary Navigation

Remove Unnecessary Navigation

The only objective of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. Adding unnecessary navigation can distract your page from achieving the goal. So it would be better to remove all other external links from your page. Thus, you can draw all visitors’ attention to the call to action button.

7. Make your Page Responsive

Make your Page Responsive

It would be best if you made your landing page responsive along with another page on your website. Thus, you can accommodate every viewing experience. The vital thing you should consider for your landing page is to ensure a good view on mobile devices. Statista states that about 58.99 % of global website traffic is generated from mobile devices, excluding tablets. So there is no option to deny that more than half of traffic comes from mobile devices on websites. The importance of responsive and mobile optimizing landing pages is beyond our imagination.

8. Write Compelling Copy

Write Compelling Copy

Your copy should be concise and clear, along with the power of guiding your visitors to the call to action that you want to be completed by them. When it comes to the facts that will actually help to sell your call to action, there may be better options than spending all your time finding an ideal image and crafting an engaging headline. You can speak directly to your visitors by using you or your to write compelling copy. It will also help make them feel engaged with your landing page.

9. Optimizing for Search

Optimizing for Search

Whether you want to build an organic search or invest in paid campaigns optimizing with targeted keywords should be the main priority. Besides email blast and social post, these methods have proven to drive visitors to the landing page. When you are successful in optimizing with keywords, people will find your landing page by searching for the key phrase. Moreover, when you target a keyword with paid ads, those words will need to exist on your landing page.

10. Adding Social Proof

Adding Social Proof

Social proofs are one of the most effective solutions to gain customers' trust. In online shopping or online business websites, social proofs and reviews work like personal recommendations. So you can convert your visitors to customers by adding your testimonials and available awards on the landing page. You can also nudge potential customers to make a buy by publishing positive feedback from the customers with the product’s image to promote your brand.

11. Remember to Use Thank You Page

Remember to Use Thank You Page

A thank you page helps to send leads to the consumers. It is the first thing that someone sees after they convert. There are many websites that use just a thank you message on their landing page. But it can’t be the best option. Thank you page can serve you three critical purposes:

  • It can allow you to get new leads in other relevant content
  • It provides a chance to thank people for their interest, which can help you in promoting them to a customer a long way.
  • It can help you to deliver your good offer, usually in the form of a follow-up email or instant download.

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Summing up, a good landing page is a must when you are up to launching a new product or service. The landing page will help account for most new leads, so you need to give all your attention to it. You can follow the above guidance to have an engaging landing page that can help you to get a massive lead for your product or service.


Stay curious, Questions?

How do you create a Landing Page?

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A landing page needs to be simple, clean, and direct.

  • Choose a template and add your content.
  • Add a title that you want your visitors to see.
  • You can also customize your landing page favicon.
  • To make your landing pages visually appealing, use hero images that show a literal representation of your product or service.
  • Catchy headings and subheadings are a must to get people to convert.
  • And if your landing page has a supporting copy, try to keep it brief. For example, you can use bullet points to highlight the key details.
  • Use a custom domain and create a URL.
  • Ensure that all your links and CTAs are working fine.
  • And when you’ve finished, publish your landing page.

What should a Landing Page consist of?

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Some essential components of an effective landing page are-

  • A unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Visuals (images or videos)
  • Your features and benefits
  • Big CTA
  • Social proof
  • Thank you messaging