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Apps we’ve built with Ruby on Rails


Built a loyalty solution and marketing platform that motivates & rewards 2 Million+ users and helps 1600+ Businesses grow

Parin, the founder of Reelo, approached SoluteLabs to help them build from scratch their existing solution which was not able to scale with their growing user base. We helped them build a solution that would scale as per their business needs as well as handle the volume of transactions happening on a daily basis.

In the two years that we’ve been working as their tech team, they haven’t had a single downtime and their customers have never been happier.

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What is Ruby on
Rails Development?01

Launched 14 years ago, Ruby on Rails is an MIT-licensed, server-side framework that has helped countless developers create and ship modern web applications faster and better. RoR was and still is a pioneer in many aspects - creating innovative features such as seamless database table creations, migrations, and scaffolding of views to enable rapid application development.

At SoluteLabs, we use the Ruby on Rails framework to primarily rapidly build APIs consumed by Javascript frameworks and Mobile Applications on the frontend. This helps us achieve fast loading and scalable frontends along with secure and scalable backends that can be built with quicker go-to market and lower costs.

Companies using Ruby on Rails


Leverage Ruby on Rails to build scalable and secure backend systems for Enterprises and Startups alike

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Why use Ruby on Rails for web development?02

Here are the benefits of using Ruby on Rails
framework for application development:

Rapid Development

We embrace SPEED, and Ruby on Rails development tools, patterns, and libraries (gems) help us code more in less time, speeding up the overall development process by upto 30%. It’s a go-to tool for startups.

Enhanced code quality

Ruby is a pure object-oriented programming language, which makes it easy and quick for a web developer to understand, learn, write, test, and execute the code. The RoR code looks clean & organized.

MVC architecture

The Ruby on Rails MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture enables us to build a scalable web application with enhanced code maintenance and model reusability. Decoupling and testing becomes hassle-free.

Conventions over configurations paradigm

With this principle, Ruby on Rails understands what our developers want to do and how. We can write less code to create the same functionalities in RoR compared to writing codes in other web development frameworks.

Test automation

Whether it’s a website or a web application, Ruby on Rails allows our developers to focus on building a high-quality product. Thanks to its automation testing facility that ensures your product is flawless from the start.

Active Community

The Ruby on Rails community, built over a decade is one of the most active on platforms such as StackOverflow and GitHub. We also have conferences all over the world and sharing knowledge is a cornerstone.

Cost savings

Some say that hosting Ruby on Rails applications are expensive compared to their peers such as PHP. The reality is that it's not the server cycles which are expensive - it’s the time invested in development which is the real expense with most startups!

Ruby on Rails App Development Services by SoluteLabs03

Combine business objectives, and technological
solutions in a smart way to achieve better results

Ruby on Rails Consulting

Our Ruby on Rails consulting team helps you discover the right framework for your business considering your idea, goals and requirements.

Custom Web App Development

Ruby on Rails has been traditionally and is still being used for custom web app development including PWA and SPA.

API Development

Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework for building REST/GraphQL APIs which can then be consumed by Web and Mobile Frontends.

Support & Maintenance

We take on the support and maintenance of your existing apps so that you can sit comfortably knowing that your app is in good hands.

Ruby on Rails Migration

Migrate to the latest version of RoR to increase the performance of your applications, improve security, reduce server costs.

Enterprise Modernization

We’ve helped enterprises with Digital Transformation exercises in months, not years, usually thought difficult to do in such timeframes.

Startup MVPs

Ruby on Rails is well known and used among a lot of startups as they remain agile, nimble, and ready to move quickly.


Technical Debt can creep in easily among large projects. Refactoring will make future development easier, faster and enjoyable.

Why Choose SoluteLabs for Ruby
on Rails App Development?04

Extensive Experience

Ruby on Rails is in our DNA as we’ve been building applications with it since our inception. We’ve used RoR to power apps for startup and enterprise solutions alike. We’ve been long-term development partners for many successful businesses. The apps we’ve built are making revolutions in industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, marine, and more.

Test-Driven Development

We keep a special focus on the quality of the code delivered along with speed and agility. One of the things we do to ensure the same is Test Driven Development using frameworks such as RSpec and FactoryGirl. Automating test cases helps us save precious time during regression testing and is especially useful when new members start working on a project and maybe break something that they might not have even worked on.

Scalable Development

Apps that we’ve built with Ruby on Rails are serving Millions of customers today in the startup as well as the enterprise ecosystem. We built applications keeping scalability and security from day 1 - something that can’t be solved by just having larger servers. We optimize your queries and architect the system in a way that can scale as per the product’s needs.

Automation Tools

We employ CD/CI tools such as CircleCI and Jenkins to automate the testing and deployment process so that we can remain truly agile - making deployments multiple times in a week, rather than once a month! We also use tools for enforcing best practices such as linters and finding security vulnerabilities into our applications to make the product secure and robust.

Agile Development

At SoluteLabs, we use Agile development practices to ensure that we respond to user feedback quickly. We encourage regular standups, sprint planning and retrospectives, regular demos, and open exchange. On agile projects, our developers communicate with clients along with managers for increased collaboration and efficient usage of time.

Why our clients love us

Growth and costs have both improved thanks to SoluteLabs’
work. They have a strong understanding of internal culture
goals and offer unique advice to help create and achieve
those ends.

Parin Sanghvi

Founder - Reelo

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