Mobile Application Development

Building beautiful apps that astonish, amaze and delight

The world is going mobile - with more than 80% of internet users owning a smartphone in early 2015 itself, the scene is rapidly changing and we think that the numbers are showing a new path. Mobile applications for your product can dramatically change the way that you interact with your customers; the user interaction of many products have increased by more than 200% in some cases.


iOS App Development

When Steve met Steve

The demand for iOS applications are on the rise, especially when you look at the ROI in the developed countries - it leaves everyone behind. Having your app on the Apple platform becomes crucial to the adoption of your product amongst masses and hence the overall profitability. We have developed successful top #10 chart applications on all the Apple platforms, be it the phone, tablet, watch or the TV.

Android App Development

Open Source. Material Design. Universal

Android’s reach in today’s world in unparalleled and it’s evolution even more. Built for any device - right from phones to cars, Android has was built to be secure and robust - to support a multitude of devices and create an ecosystem, not just for itself but also for thousands of companies, developers and users. Having developed numerous top #10 apps on the Android which have won awards and accolades, we can help you create stunning apps!

About Us

Solute TechnoLabs LLP works with you, for you to take your idea to fruition and beyond - for in your success lies ours. We take pride in the work we do and the products we make. We’re an Indian IT company with branches spread throughout the world.

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