Thinking Before Doing

A great deal of effort spent in any project can be saved if the efforts are pushed in the right direction at the right time. It is said that over 50% of IT projects fail all over the world, strategizing before starting to develop/design irons out most of the issues that eventually become a snowball if not tackled earlier onto the project. We help you in understanding a user’s behaviour, monetization of your product, future and current trends, marketing, budgeting the app and so forth.

Project strategy


Moulding The Mind

Waltor Landor once famously said that “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind”. We know that building the product is only half the story. Here, at SoluteLabs, we don’t just help you develop amazing products - we help you with complete branding solutions. Right from logo designing, mood boards, stationery, email marketing, marketing automation and much more - we help you create that image in your current and potential customer’s minds. A good brand always tells a great story, join hands to craft yours!

Improve brand awareness

UI/UX Design

Thinking Made Visual

A user interface design like a joke; if you have to explain it - it’s not good. We try to dig deeper into how things work, even go to meet end customers physically to validate our ideas or wireframes at later stages in the product development cycle. Our focus is to create products that people love to use - keeping this in mind, we work to create dead simple but interfaces that people fall in love with. At times, our designs have gone viral on the internet, increasing the number of users for your product.

User Interface and experience


Building the future

Development is at the core of your product and the quality of product is integral to the success of your idea. Be it Web or Mobile - our experienced and certified developers will help you take your idea to a rockstar product! Our expertise on Development comes not just the strong team that we’ve built over the hundreds of thousands of hours spent on development but also from the our CodeBook that we share with our team from day One.

Digital Marketing

Build Relationships, Not Links

Scott Cook said that “A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is - it is what customers tell each other it is”. It is imperative to have a strong digital branding strategy to ensure the success of your product. We help you create that strategy from the day of conceptualization of the app, right from converting landing pages, validating the idea through click through rates with facebook advertisements and much more. So weather your app is just an idea, a prototype or is a growing product - a good Digital Marketing strategy will always help you reach that extra mile.

Digital marketing solution


TDD . BDD . Automation . Manual

While we follow Agile methodology for development of applications, Test Driven Development for Unit testing and Behaviour Driven Development for Integration testing has now shifted from being only the Tester’s responsibility to the shared responsibility of the Dev Team. While this usually suffices the situation in hand, many a times a third eye is very imperative to ensure the quality of the product. Therefore, the Dev Team is made cross-functional, responsibility is shared and product quality is improved.

Testing automation and Quality assurance