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Apps, SPA - Single Page Apps, Static Site Generation, and more to build
B2B and B2C products that scale effortlessly.

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ReactJS Development Company

Apps we’ve built with ReactJS


Built a modern web application for the world’s fifth-largest marine corporation to manage their fleet and ship crew

We built Single Page Applications for Synergy to fully manage all their vessels and their entire ship crew through four different web apps each tailored to their specific needs.

We digitized and centralized all activities for the users and built a scalable and secure solution that is now being used by thousands.

What is ReactJS

React, an open-source JavaScript library backed by Facebook, is a modern-day frontend development library used to create modern web applications. React is leading the pack of frontend JavaScript development dominated by React, Angular, and Vue.

React, which is just 2.2 kb (gzipped), isn’t a framework but a library that is very customizable and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. With React and some great frameworks built on top of React such as GatsbyJS and NextJS - we have built applications that are quick to load and can handle a great amount of UI manipulation effortlessly.

Companies using ReactJs


Leverage React to bring your product ideas to life, delight users, and scale effortlessly.

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Why should you choose ReactJS Development?02

Here are the reasons that make ReactJS our first choice when it comes to building ‘beauty with brilliance’ apps

Rapid Development

Historically, frontend development wasn't very complex but with applications becoming more complex by the day, it became difficult to handle the complexity with vanilla JS. React helps developers build modern web apps with ease.

Super-Performant Apps

Libraries like lodash coupled with React help in creating fast-loading apps that are able to handle a huge amount of data manipulation which otherwise would be very inefficient. Hosted mostly on CDNs, React applications are fast to load as well.

Flexible with Other Frameworks

Being a library without state management and routing, React plays very well with other frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, ExpressJS and other frameworks to better manage their frontend requirements.

Low Learning Curve

React is a library and unlike full-fledged frameworks such as Angular, it doesn’t handle a lot of stuff and thus the learning curve isn’t high. Because it’s so modular - bad decisions are easy to make - reach out to us so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

Quick Rendering

React applications are typically pre-rendered. Some partially and others fully - most of these can be hosted on CDNs without the need of a server who interacts with APIs resulting in superior loading times.

Better UX and SEO

Because of quick loading as well as low reaction times such as the time taken to sort data in a large table, the overall experience for the end user is vastly improved. This improved user experience ultimately benefits the product in terms of SEO as well.

Code Stability

React updates and upgrades are frequent but they usually do not contain breaking changes i.e. those changes which require large changes to a code base and testing when updating the version. This incentivises developers to stay on top of the latest release.

Ever-evolving Community

React was launched in 2013, now 7 years old - the community has grown rapidly and is now mature as well. The number of developers available as well as contributions to open source have made it the choice of development by millions.

React Development Services by SoluteLabs03

Combine business objectives, and technological
solutions in a smart way to achieve better results

PWA Development

We have helped many companies build PWAs which enable their products to provide a mobile app experience to their users without an installation process and have access to features such as push notifications, camera, and more.

SPA Development

Single page applications are ideal when it comes to developing apps that decouple the frontend and backend systems. Hosted on CDNs, these apps are dynamic as well as fast - giving you the best of both worlds!

JAMstack Sites

Contrary to popular notion, static sites are a great way for sites with a lot of data. We help companies with building secure, scalable and blazingly fast websites which are generated statically but are dynamic and incrementally updated

Why Choose SoluteLabs for
ReactJS Development?04


We have been using JS/React to develop applications for Enterprises and products with hundreds of thousands of users for over 5 years now. Applications we’ve built range from healthcare, fintech to static sites - we love designing and developing great looking apps.

Full-Stack Frontend Devs

Our frontend developers are well equipped with knowledge of HTML/CSS as well as Javascript/Typescript which make them ideal to work on projects that require them to work independently as well as in a team.

Test Driven Development

We’ve embraced TDD for many projects, especially those products who have a comparatively stable project roadmap. This helps us increase the quality and stability of our deliverables reducing the need for regression testing.

CDN Hosting

We have experience building websites on the JAMstack framework using frameworks like NextJS and GatsbyJS. These sites are pre-rendered and thus are pushed to the edge on CDN unlike traditional counterparts such as Wordpress who hit the database every time someone wants to see a blog.

DevOps Tools

Using CD/CI tools to build, test and deploy our applications - our developers are able to work with increased efficiency. We use tools such as Vercel and Netlify to automate our deployments and even cross check against certain metrics such as Accessibility, SEO, Performance and PWA.

Technical SEO

While creating websites for our clients - especially those developing B2C products such as ecommerce, media, and social networks - we need to keep a special emphasis on SEO. We have developed deep expertise in building public facing websites and are able to guide our customers to leverage SEO fruitfully.

Why our clients love us

Growth and costs have both improved thanks to SoluteLabs’
work. They have a strong understanding of internal culture
goals and offer unique advice to help create and achieve
those ends.

Parin Sanghvi

Founder - Reelo

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