Developed web application to identify an individual’s health-risks

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Remedy Social is a preventive health platform, that uses an algorithm to identify an individual’s health-risks, creates a personalized health check-up and disease management plan, and based on that starts engaging them effectively at a much lower cost. It will help users understand their health status through a unique health score, and compare it with similar population. It will also help them understand their specific disease related risks, and a personalized action plan to act upon the same.


The robust platform has a prestigious board of advisors ranging from

Dr. Ken Thorpe Dr. Ken Thorpe
Dr. Matvey Palchu Dr. Matvey Palchu
Dr. Srinivas Mantha Dr. Srinivas Mantha

Users 8000+ Users on The Platform
HIPAA Compliant HIPAA Compliant
SSL Secured SSL Secured

Got credits from Amazon as well as IBM for AWS Activate and IBM Smartcamp (Winners of the Regional Round)
for using their cloud infrastructure to the tune of
more than $2000

the design process

We, at SoluteLabs, take design very seriously and understand that it is at the heart of any product we develop. We start our process by working on the Information Architecture - the stepping stone to any application so that the designers, product architects, developers and the QAs are on the same page.

Design Process

Color Palette

While the usability designer focuses on the UX part of the system, equally important is the UI wherein a lot goes into considering which colors to use, why to use specific colors and what impact they might have on the user and the overall system. Before designing the actual screens from the wireframes, we create the color palette so the screens are synced to perfection

UX part of system

our contribution

From shaping the idea, brainstorming, strategizing, designing, product architecture, development, QA and setting up their blog, even SEO optimization - we have helped the RemedySocial team to go from conceptualization to realization. In short we've been the working IT backbone for RemedySocial.

css3 html5 Rails AngularJS Bootstrap

business impacts

We have had people of age 26 suspected and then diagnosed with high blood pressure. No business impact can measure up to helping people live a better life or maybe even save one. Using our platform, we have helped people decrease their checkup costs (as they had to take full set of tests) and at the same time helped people diagnose issues with their otherwise seemingly healthy lifestyles

55% up-arrow

Increase in
Disease Predictability

80% down-arrow

Decrease in
Health Checkup Costs


What came to us in an excel needed much refining before we could convert the complex algorithm into a working application. We spent a couple of weeks on the algorithm before we hit it off for the development of the same. Since the healthcare data is very sensitive, we had to take many precautions to secure the app and also make it HIPAA compliant which required a lot of analysis and throughness in the same.

The Web App is also robust, N-tiered and SSL secured, built on a SPA and is SEO optimised.

around the globe

the result

Result - RemedySocial