Take Charge of Your Health: Proactive Wellness with Remedy Social

Posted by SoluteLabs Team · 14 May, 2017 · 6 Min Read
Take Charge of Your Health: Proactive Wellness with Remedy Social

Preventive healthcare is a rising segment in India; the estimated total budget allotted for the Indian health sector amounted to about 985 billion Indian rupees. In today’s hectic lifestyle, preventive care is a logical step towards a better lifestyle. The idea to build a platform came from: What if we can help every individual start their preventive health journey at an early stage, suggesting specific health tests, doctor check-ups and other preventive health measures using an automated, free platform?

Healthcare costs can give jitters to anyone who is not financially secure. This explains why people keep avoiding periodic check-ups. With such negligence, chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, etc. get the better of immune systems irreversibly, and this leads to high healthcare costs. This is coupled with the fact that after 30, health issues start popping up.

Most of the hassle can be taken care of by encouraging preventive healthcare.
At present, there are various solutions and tools available globally that address ‌preventive care. For instance, the American Diabetes Association and the American Health Association offer a way to screen for specific diseases only. Being narrow in terms of disease screening does not allow for the creation of a comprehensive mitigation plan.
There is huge potential for an all-round preventive healthcare-oriented platform for diagnostic labs and insurance companies, as these have started gravitating towards preventive health checkups.

How Remedy Social Functions

Remedy Social is your personalized platform for proactive health. Our unique approach uses an algorithm to assess your individual health risks. Based on this assessment, we create a customized plan for preventive checkups and disease management. This targeted approach allows us to effectively engage you in your health at a significantly lower cost.

Remedy Social

Remedy Social goes beyond basic checkups. It provides a clear understanding of your health through a personalized health score, allowing you to compare your status with others in a similar demographic. It doesn't just identify potential health risks; we also provide a specific action plan to help you address them proactively.


Reduced Costs: Save up to 80% on unnecessary health check-ups by getting the right tests at the right time.

Personalized Action Plan: Receive a customized list of recommended tests and doctor consultations based on your health profile.

Actionable Insights: Get detailed health reports delivered to your email with clear explanations.

Stay on Track: Never miss a check-up again with automatic reminders.

Proactive Guidance: Our platform provides ongoing support with targeted health advice and recommendations for lifestyle changes.

Holistic Approach: Manage existing health conditions with personalized disease management plans.

Key Features

  • Get detailed health reports by email reminders
  • Periodic reminders for check-ups
  • Diet recommendations
  • Advice on lifestyle changes
  • Personalized health checkup plan
  • Disease management plan

The Challenges

Building a health risk assessment platform hinges on one crucial factor, delivering accurate and targeted information to each user. Platforms like Remedy Social have a significant impact on people's health, so ensuring the reports are detailed, error-free, and customized was paramount.

We at SoluteLabs faced the challenge of transforming a complex spreadsheet of medical data into a user-friendly platform. Our team played a vital role at every stage, from initial validation of the medical information to designing and developing the platform itself. Rigorous quality assurance was woven into the process, guaranteeing the accuracy of the health risk assessments delivered to users.

We saw through the building of a product that develops customized mitigation plans, lifestyle changes and physician visits, creating a custom algorithm that would analyze a person’s medical history, genetics and lifestyle and accordingly generate mitigation plans, was a highly complex task. We had to ensure there was no chance of error here.

When it comes to developing an MVP, time-to-market and speed are critical. Hence, our team decided to use Ruby on Rails to engineer this complex application that would use machine learning and algorithms. The back-end was scalable enough to meet the growing needs of its users.

Our Contribution

We provide a full range of services, from initial brainstorming and strategic planning to design, development, quality assurance, and even SEO optimization. We served as RemedySocial's complete IT partner, supporting them from their initial concept all the way to launch.

Services Offered

1. Product Strategy

Before any code is written, ideas come to life through design. Sketch is a design tool that allows us to create mockups and prototypes of the Remedy Social interface. By meticulously planning the layout and functionality, Sketch ensures a user experience that's both intuitive and visually appealing.

2. UX/UI Design

The Design Process

We believe a strong foundation is crucial. That's why we begin with Information Architecture, ensuring everyone involved (designers, developers, etc.) has a clear understanding of the product's structure.

UX/Ui Design

Color Palette

While usability is key, visual design is equally important. We carefully consider color choices, their impact on users, and how they contribute to the overall user experience . Color palettes are created before screen design begins, for a cohesive final product.

Color Palate

3. Web App Development

Ruby on Rails: The Engine Room

Imagine the brain of Remedy Social. That's where Ruby on Rails comes in. This backend framework acts as the engine, handling all the crucial behind-the-scenes operations. Ruby on Rails is known for its speed and efficiency, allowing us to process information and deliver results quickly.

Angular: Shaping Your User Experience

On Remedy Social, Angular powers the user interface (UI) that you interact with. This JavaScript framework allows us to create a dynamic and user-friendly experience. Angular ensures a smooth flow as you navigate through the platform, take assessments, and access your health reports.

4. Mobile App Development

For those who prefer to manage their health on the move, Remedy Social offers a mobile app. Swift, the programming language of choice for Apple devices, is what brings the app to life. This ensures a seamless and native experience for iPhone and iPad users.

Application Development

5. Machine Learning

A powerful platform needs a robust foundation. That's where AWS (Amazon Web Services) comes in. AWS provides the cloud infrastructure that hosts Remedy Social, offering secure storage, powerful databases, and the processing muscle to handle millions of users.

Making a Difference

Remedy Social was implemented for a small organization consisting of 200 employees, where the average age was 27 years. The surveys identified 50+ individuals who were either pre-diabetics, pre-hypertensives, had sleep disorders, migraine or some other health issue.

Now, this was the initial stage (meaning the conditions were about to develop). These individuals were advised to go for early health check-ups, consider some lifestyle changes in order to mitigate specific healthcare risks. Remedy Social was also instrumental in developing a comprehensive, company-level health engagement plan for that organization. This allowed the organization to better manage its employee healthcare costs. Besides this implementation, Remedy Social identified more than 500 people (out of a pool of 2000 people who took the online survey) who were on the brink of developing diabetes, hypertension, migraine and other chronic health issues. The individuals were given detailed health check-up plans - recommendations on consulting a doctor, going to a diagnostic lab or having a follow on check-up. This allowed them to tackle critical illnesses at an early stage and reduce medical costs in the long run.

While working on the web application, the product successfully got 10,000 users and was acquired by one of India’s leading startups in the healthcare domain - TATA 1mg.

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