Top 10 Flutter Repositories on GitHub

Posted by Milind Mevada · 09 Oct, 2020 · 3 Min Read
Top 10 Flutter Repositories on GitHub

Flutter Github repositories are a great way to share knowledge and showcase your prowess on the platform, with contributors from all across the world chipping in.

We decided to look at the best of these repositories, and tell you what makes them tick and why you should check them out.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 Flutter Github repositories.

1. iampawan

This neat little Flutter repository, found on the first page of Flutter repos, consists of tonnes of useful live example apps that are built by the coder, Pawan Kumar.

There are videos about creating WhatsApp clones in the UI, videos on migrating a gaming app like Pokemon to the Web with Flutter, and even a repo that shows you how to build a Gender Prediction app.

Plus tonnes and tonnes of resources for students and advanced Flutter users. Check it out.


2. Awesome Flutter Repo

Curated and owned by a Github user named Solido, this neat little repo is filled with content that is bound to engage learners of Flutter.

Apart from a curated list of some really good content from Google, the repository also focuses on tips and tricks for new Flutter users and tutorials for Flutter beginners as well as experts.

Check out some of the gits here:

3. londonappbrewery

A very interesting Flutter repository, this one caught our attention because of the sheer attention that the creator, who goes by the name the Mullenator, has created for his site visitors.

There are how-to guides on setting up Flutter for Windows and Mac, and then the repository proceeds like a video game, with Boss Level challenges and using things like Xylophone.

​ This is a truly great repository for anyone wanting to learn about Flutter, even if he is completely new to programming. Thanks, Mr. Mullenator. You can check out some of the work of Mr. Mullenator here:

4. FlutterFoodybyte

Jideguru is a very interesting contributor on Github with some pretty neat repositories. Foodybite is a repo that is a representation of the Restaurant app UI found on Uplabs.

The requirements are simple since it is a simple Repo with just 2 screens.

All you need is a working internet connection, a little bit of programming knowledge of Dart and Flutter, Jideguru, and a brain to think.

Thank you Olusegun Festus Babajide. We still prefer to call you Jadeguru.

You can check out some of the repos:

5.Flutter Basic Widgets

Wanna learn about Flutter Widgets but don’t know where to begin? This repository by an Indian coder will teach you all about Flutter widgets, with code snippets which can be directly run on the Flutter online compiler DartPad.

There are code snippets for Text, AppBar, Container, Column, and even Row, among others.

There is a tonne of code snippets that you can copy-paste in DartPad, and all that the author, Pooja Bhaumik, is asking for is a donut in return. We hope you get lots of donuts, Pooja.


Moving on.

6. Fluttergram

How about a working clone of Instagram built on Flutter?

Written by a user called mdanics, this useful repo gives you detailed step by step instructions, right from setting up Flutter to cloning the repo and setting up the Firebase app.

The developer plans to further expand this app, with Stories and cleaning up code, and animations (already completed).

Will Insta be replaced by Flutsta? Only time will tell!!

Link to the code:

7. FlutterBlue

Integrating Bluetooth to a device is complicated, especially doing so using a developing framework like Flutter, but Paul De Marco has done it!!

Flutter Blue, which is a Bluetooth plugin for Flutter, is a library that is actively under development, you can scan and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices, discover new Bluetooth services, and do a lot of Bluetoothy things.

Checkout the Repo here:

​ 8. The Gorgeous login

Written by a user who goes by the name Hugo Extrat, this Flutter repo is a beautiful login page inspired by another design.

Users can switch between an “Existing” and “New” user by a simple slide of a button on the login page.

Check out the repo:

P.S. You can show your support to the developers of this repo here

9. Invoice ninja

Invoice Ninja is on v5 now, and this Flutter repo includes everything you need to build the app from scratch.

Built using a combination of Laravel and Flutter, Invoice Ninja’s Github repo consists of download locations for its mobile app, installation options, and even the API documentation for its development.

Link to repo:

If you want to contribute to this repo, you can write to the good folks at Invoice Ninja by reading the contributing guide, linked here.

10. Horizontal calendar

And lastly, we couldn’t resist finishing off a list of awesome Github Flutter repos without including one of our own.

The horizontal calendar, where you can use labels to reorder Month and day, in a neat, blue, and white interface.

You can find all the Features, Properties, and State management in this repo. Check out our repo on Github here: and on here:

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