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How SoluteLabs empowered PeepulTree's growth with a modern eCommerce platform migration

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5 Mar 24 5 Min read

In the current business environment, many organizations are undergoing digital transformations as a result of increasing market competition, which directly impacts their growth trajectory. Let us go through an exemplary digital transformation initiative where history meets craftsmanship through the magic touch of SoluteLabs!

PeepulTree and SoluteLabs Engagement

PeepulTree is a funded eCommerce platform that focuses on selling artisanal products worldwide. The product also features a breadth of stories around India’s rich history, which enables customers to connect with the products they buy.


In 2021, when the PeepulTree team initially approached us, their priority was to transition LHI's outdated WordPress website to a more advanced tech stack. They aimed for a dynamic platform with enhanced SEO capabilities, scalability, and faster speed.

By 2022, Anish joined Peepul Tree as CEO full-time and decided to merge the content and commerce platforms into one. The objective was to integrate PeepulTree into its platform, offering users access to top artisanal goods from artists across the nation while highlighting the stories and context behind them. They approached SoluteLabs again, this time to create the new online store and integrate LHI into PeepulTree.

Exploring Development Challenges and how we Overcame them

Replatforming and Data Migration were major tasks and the team faced quite a few challenges while they implemented them.

Data Migration

The large amount of content on the LHI site posed a major challenge while migrating content from WordPress to NextJS. We conducted a comprehensive content audit, developed custom migration scripts, and conducted thorough testing to ensure all data was accurately transferred while maintaining data consistency.

Codebase Unification

Weaving together the LHI and PeepulTree websites wasn't a simple stitch job. Our team audited the code, planned the migration, and refactored it with a single framework. We ensured seamlessness with version control and rigorous testing, then fine-tuned the code for peak performance. The result of this was a unified platform where history and handcrafted treasures became one delicious experience.

Shopify Integration

We dealt with Shopify's limitations regarding customizations and seamless UX with Sanity, a headless CMS that granted ultimate design freedom. Our UI/UX team crafted a seamless user experience that bridged the gap between the two platforms.

User Experience (UX)

User research we conducted guided us to a seamless UI design that blended LHI’s history buffs and PeepulTree’s artisan shoppers. Responsive design kept the UI smooth across devices and unified navigation and branding made everything feel connected. We conducted tests to ensure a delightful UX, making history and shopping feel like one captivating journey.

Scalability and Performance

To make the platform super scalable and fast, we fine-tuned the code and infrastructure. We optimized databases, used a CDN for lightning-fast content delivery, and balanced the load during traffic surges. Server-side rendering made initial page loads feel instantaneous. This resulted in a system that scaled quickly and delivered information quickly.

Services we provided:

Unleashing the Platform's Potential

Let's delve into the exciting features our development team has brought to life!

Intuitive User Interface:

Effortless navigation of the platform and the ability to find the information you need quickly with our user-friendly interface.

Comprehensive Search:

A search engine featuring suggested stories, curated content, and advanced filtering to find exactly what you're looking for.

Social Media Integration:

Seamlessly share your discoveries with friends and family on popular social media platforms or copy the link for wider sharing.

Content Creation Platform:

Contribute your own voice by publishing engaging content in various formats, including blog posts, videos, and images.

Private Video Library:

Access exclusive video content unavailable elsewhere and enhance your exploration.


Automated Renewal Reminders:

Stay informed and avoid disruptions with automated subscription renewal reminders.

Premium Content:

Unlock exclusive content reserved for paid subscribers through a secure paywall system.

Enhanced SEO:

Benefit from optimized search engine ranking, ensuring the platform is easily discoverable by users seeking historical and artisanal treasures.


Beyond the Platform: Outcomes of PeepulTree’s Journey with SoluteLabs

Measuring the Business Impact

Following the launch of the revamped platform, we witnessed significant improvements across various metrics for PeepulTree:

Funding Secured:

The project's success led to a superior product and revenue growth, which empowered PeepulTree to secure funding. This funding will help scale operations and amplify marketing initiatives.

Expanding Market Reach:

PeepulTree is well-positioned to see a significant increase in sales of both artisanal goods and cultural artifacts by utilizing the larger audience that LHI's platform offers and improving brand visibility. This will lead to a flourishing revenue stream that empowers their continued growth.

SEO Optimization

The migration to a modern tech stack, equipped with advanced SEO features, has significantly improved PeepulTree's search engine ranking. This translates to increased organic traffic, ensuring their unique products and engaging content are readily discoverable by a wider audience.

Key Metrics

Let’s explore the key metrics that highlight the impact of SoluteLabs on PeepulTree’s success:

  • In Jan 2023, PeepulTree secured $6 million in funding, with Elevar Equity leading the investment round.
  • The company plans to use the funds to onboard content creators, digitize the artisan supply chain, and develop technology to unite artisans, content creators, and customers on a single platform.

We launched the program on time and the customer journeys, platform speed and overall experience was great. Great project management and the team was always available.

- Anish WIlliams, Director & Head of Product, PeepulTree

Mission Accomplished: A Partnership Forged in Innovation

Through dedicated teamwork, SoluteLabs delivered a solution that exceeded PeepulTree’s expectations. Contributing to a platform that empowers artisans and fosters historical exploration was an enriching experience, and strengthened our expertise.

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