Flutter & Dart From Google I/O '19

Posted by Milind Mevada · 21 May, 2019 · 2 min read
Flutter & Dart From Google I/O '19

This year the developer community was undoubtedly anticipated for Flutter announcement from Google I/O ’19 and YES 🤩 Google didn’t disappoint them. 🤟

Here are the top announcements Google made for Flutter

Flutter 1.5 on Stable Channel 🎉

Flutter the core framework receives an upgrade during I/O ’19. This release includes hundreds of changes from the response of developer feedback. It also includes the update to Material and Cupertino widgets.

As the framework becomes more mature Google is now investing in building supporting ecosystem, as part of that initial support to the in-app purchase lands on Flutter. ML Kit Custom Image Classifier also announced which is built using Flutter and Firebase.

Flutter: Now for all the Screens 😍

The best framework for developing beautiful experiences now supports Mobile, Web, Desktop, and Embedded device. And all this using Single Codebase.

Flutter has provided an embedding API which allows Flutter to be used in scenarios like home 🏠, automotive 🚗 and beyond. There is already a sample published to demonstrate Flutter on Raspberry-pi.

Flutter for the Web 🌐

In this Google I/O first Technical Preview of Flutter for the Web was released. While this is still in development, but it’s already available for the developer community to try, build and provide early feedback. The community didn’t wait to try this out, See the sneak peeks here, here and lots of other here.

Dart 2.3: Flutter’s language featuring UI-as-code 💻

With Flutter 1.5 Dart 2.3 is also available now. which has to offer us reach features like ui-as-code, spread operator, collection if and collection for.
With all these luxury features Dart is indeed a better Language for UI.

Check out all latest Dart features here.

See what has been made with 5 KB or less code of Dart 😉

The Google team had challenged the community to build something unique with less than 5 KB of dart code. The winners of the challenge announced during I/O event and here are the eye-catching results.

Promising? Do you want to Start learning Flutter? ✅

Google has announced a comprehensive new training course for Flutter to start learning Flutter from The App Brewery team. The course has contents for Flutter which includes videos, demos, and code labs.

Now Fastest Growing Skill among Software Engineers 🥳

Last but not least, According to a recently conducted study by Linkedin Flutter is the fastest Growing Skill among Software Engineers.

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