9 Design Agencies That Will Leave You in Awe ❤️

Posted by Karan Shah · 08 Aug, 2017 · 4 min read
9 Design Agencies That Will Leave You in Awe ❤️

Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs. — Frank Chimero

We, at SoluteLabs are a young, growing development and design led firm ourselves, and we frequently look at other designers and agencies for inspiration; there are some that inspire us and then there are some that leave us in Awe.

Below is such a list of the top #9 Agencies (not in any particular order):

Area 17

Situated in Paris and New York, Area17 is one of the premier Design Agencies to look up to. They have collaborated with notable names in the industry including the very recent Pentagram.

It might be strange for some but a lot of design companies partner with other agencies to work on their own websites/projects such as the one mentioned above.

Hello Monday

Located in New York, Copenhagen and Aarhus (honestly, never know about this city in Denmark up until I heard about them); Hello Monday needs no introduction (their LinkedIn Page has only 2 posts and 8100+ subscribers). They have done a good number of projects with Google, NASA, Diesel, National Geographic and more.

I would recommend you checkout their bendy10 project on your mobile!


Arelatively new agency on the block, founded by , is Ueno. Ueno has offices in San Francisco, LA (new office), New York and Iceland. Their clients include Airbnb, Medium, Cisco, Lonely Planet, Google, Reuters, Fitbit and Dropbox.

I loved their work with PrescribeWellness and the Jelly App (which got acquired by Pinterest before it even saw the light of day)

► Resn

Awarded as the Agency of the Year by Awwwards and CSS Design Awards, their website in itself is a beautiful piece of art. They have worked on the famous “Did you mean Mailchimp” and other Adidas campaigns.

Their self destructing book concept for James Patterson’s Private Vegas was incredible. Look at their case study here

► SuperHero CheeseCake

Amsterdam based SHCC is really out and shining with some of their recent work done with Heineken and SouthWest Airlines. Their recent work has surely propelled them from the Good to Great category!

► MediaMonks

With offices around the globe, MediaMonks is of the the largest and the most celebrated Design firms doing not just digital but films, AR/VR and much much more!

My Fav: You can’t help but fall for this Ikea family (where good days start

► Stink Studios

Part of a bigger conglomerage (stink.co), stink studios is a pure Digital Agency mesmerising people with their work.

BTW: Did I mention 9 Agencies? I must have forgotten SoluteLabs then ;)

. . .

Noteworthy Mentions

While we have mentioned the top picks, we have been collaborating with some studios to produce some really rad work.

► Tubik Studio

. . .

At SoluteLabs, we collaborate with designers and developers across the globe to work on some very interesting projects. We would love to work with you on your next dream project!

We’re a high-performance team of 25 focused on mobile and web design and development; we have produced top #10 chart topping applications on Android and iOS app stores, graphics that have gone viral and applications with Millions of downloads.

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