10 Design trends to watch out in 2017

Posted by Karan Shah · 02 Mar, 2017 · 5 min read
10 Design trends to watch out in 2017

Web design trends have been shifting every year. This year many designers are trying to move away from simple and very closed site compositions. They are in love with the open styled, chaotic but broken cut site compositions. Grid, that meant a lot for web designers have lost its importance and a lot of rules are deliberately bent. Also, a lot of changes are observed in the content part of the website. Overlapped and intermingled content have become the new attraction.

A lot of it is to blame on the evolution Canvas to WebGL. As per our observations, modern projects can be very confusing and minimalistic but at the same time they are strong, a kind that can have a long-lasting impression on the end-users. Here are the top 10 trends we anticipate for 2017!

1) Content enhancing layouts

2) Design team matters

As we all know that design has become an integral part of the new age change and there is no doubt on its capability to influence, but more and more people have started to realise that a collaboration between designers — all levels is imperative; the whole team needs to be in sync with each other. The emphasis on the world collaborative is due to the need of more and more mobile app development services. Giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and LinkedIn are starting to have gigantic design teams and they are investing a lot to make sure that their team is in sync with each other and everyone is on the same page.

From the shared templates, Webflow dashboards, Team plans to the real-time or shared canvas of Figma; you can bet 2017 will bring over all improvements.

3) Go Bold

The focus is shifting more towards content, lines of resonance and inspiring copies are becoming the need of the time. That’s a bold statement. When we say big and bold ; it’s about dedicating more screen space to a single yet encompassing statement utilising the whole screen space. It makes the statement very clear in the mind of the users. Busy home pages are the thing of past.

4) Stay within the design principles

Blame it all on the new tools like Flexbox and CSS Grid (Coming soon anytime in 2017). They enhance more complex yet expressive layout compared to old layouts. The main challenge in 2017 would be to understand these new web layouts and the whole method behind setting it up.

5) SVGs

The scalable Vector Graphics provides web designers with so much advantages over the traditional PNG, JPEG and GIF files. They are not pixel or raster based but are more organized and composed vectors that are independent of resolution constrains. They look good on any screen and makes you worry free for thinking about making it retina-ready — they already are.

SVGs can exist inside the HTML code and need not have any separate HTTP requests which could help your website load faster. Also, did we tell you that you can totally animate them? That’s the beauty of SVG’s.

6) Brighter colours

No one likes a dull website. With minimalistic design trends infusing more colours in kind of a challenge but designer have found ways to introduce more colours to the page. Brighter colours in the new age requirement from users end. If you look forward to a great example, check Instagram’s new logo.

7) Everyone loves Animation

Animation has long played a very important role in all kinds of digital interfaces and 2017 is going to see more and more of Animations from designers. With all kinds of new visual tools, they have the capability to build engaging and sparkling animations. Initially Animations were just inspiring migraines but now they are inspiring designs.

Animations helped us get one of our health apps a viral hit

8) Unique Layout

Out-of-the-box layout is 2017 requirement. Users want to be surprised when they open a web page and the companies want their site to be unique and very different. Overdramatic web-designs are totally dead and responsive complex templates are in demand. Visually jarring techniques are designer’s favourites.

9) Chuck the symmetrical stereotypes

2016 broke the rule of symmetry and the trend it going to keep on continuing with new variations in 2017. Designers have started creating asymmetrical layouts that are not perfectly balanced on both sides but users kind of love it due to all other aspects.

10) Richer background patterns

Small dashes, dots and strips are getting a lot of love. Common grid pattern with a rich background has a decreased bounce ratio. These elements are moved from the grid to the parallax plane and often are arranged in a chaotic fashion.

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