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React Native App Development Company

Apps we’ve built with React Native


Helped build and launch a podcast app for a startup based out of New York

Qlipcast’s co-founder stumbled upon us accidentally on a social network but our relationship with them was no accident. Working with them as their offshore tech team, we engaged with qlipcast over a period of one year to develop and iterate their mobile app and backend in an agile manner.

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What is React Native App

Facebook’s React Native is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework to build iOS and Android - both at one go. React Native is a powerhouse of React library and JavaScript that delivers consistent user experience across all the apps, without the need for coding them independently.

Having native UI controls and full access to the respective native platforms, React Native helps our developers build native-performant iOS and Android apps as if they are respectively built on Swift and Java. Being one of the PRO React Native app development companies, SoluteLabs excels in building beautiful, interactive, and functionally-rich cross-platform apps at speed and on-budget.

Companies using React Native

Uber Eats

Build native iOS and Android apps with the cost of one using React Native

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Why should you choose React
Native App Development??02

Find out the reasons why the world’s top mobile developers (including us) choose React Native for cross-platform app development

Super Performant

React Native apps are high in performance compared to the hybrid mobile apps. Even graphical performance considering RAM and CPU usage are better. RN brings speed to your mobile apps making them UX-rich.

Code Reusability

Code reusability is one of the prominent reasons why developers embrace React Native. Unlike native apps, RN allows developers to share code between iOS and Android platforms, which reduces app development time and costs.

Faster Go-Live

Code reusability promotes rapid app development that allows startups to launch before their competitors. With the perfect React Native app development strategy, we can help you reduce your GoToMarket time.

Live Reload

Bug fixes and feature enhancements are super-quick, thanks to the ‘Live Reload’ feature of React Native. The moment we make tweaks in UI or a functionality, your users can instantly experience the same without the need for compilation.

Code Push

Allowing applications to be updated for minor changes, tweaks and functionality without going through the process of Appstore approval is a blessing for many developers who might want to fix a bug, tweak some functionality or just get that typo correct.

Cost Effective

Building native apps is costly because the time, efforts, and resources required are different for developing both the apps. React Native enables our developers to write code once and build both- iOS and Android apps in one go.

Developer Community

React Native has been adopted widely and matured through time and along with Facebook, there is a very active community around it. This snowball effect has enabled tons of libraries and SDKs made around React Native which further eases the speed of development.

Personalized UX

Using React Native, our developers can deliver a personalized user experience to individual users of the same app. You can categorize and create buckets of users whose UX can then be determined from the cloud.

React Native Animations

React Native animations add smooth interactive motion to your user experience making your cross-platform apps visually appealing and functionally-rich. They are highly customizable, making us compose them the way your users would admire.

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Combine business objectives, and technological solutions in a smart way to achieve better results

Custom App Development

Using our React Native expertise, we can bring your apps to life using one codebase for both the iOS and Android Appstores

Team Augmentation

Do you already have an existing team? We can augment, train and even build your team to Build, Operate and Transfer the product.

MVP Development

We can help you build your mobile apps quickly and Go-To-Market in record times; thus saving you time and money to validate your product

React Native Consulting

Developing an app in house but aren’t sure of the tech stack you’ve chosen around React Native? Get in touch with our Experts to ensure you’re on the right path.

Why Choose SoluteLabs for
React Native App Development?04

Proven Knowledge

We have a solid team with an expertise around React, React Native and Mobile Technologies such as native Android, iOS and Flutter apart from React Native. Collaboratively, we share our experience and expertise such that the whole team becomes strong - ultimately benefiting the customer.

Domain Expertise

We have been using React and React Native for startups as well as large scale projects. Our expertise across multiple domains and different types of projects has collectively shaped our knowledge and helped us build a library of information which our developers can tap into and build solutions for our clients.

Test Driven Development

Our developers are proficient in TDD tools and technologies such as Jest, Detox and Callback’s Testing Library. This helps us create a robust testing suite that enables us to develop apps while increasing the overall quality by reducing bugs and removing the need for regression testing.

Focus on UX + UI

We have developed a deep expertise developing mobile applications across a variety of domains such as healthcare, fintech, fitness, retail and more. Using our experience and expertise of designing and developing these applications, we give special focus on micro-interactions, animations and the overall.

Mobile DevOps

When creating mobile applications, speed is everything. Creating features faster, getting them to market has a direct impact on your app’s ranking and thus it’s success. We automate manual processes to build, test, ship, and deploy your application thus saving developer time to work on more features.

ReactJS Knowledge

our developers learn React and other concepts such as state management, routing before they move on to become React Native Development. This helps us create the right architecture for your applications which might need to scale to serve Millions of users.

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