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iOS App Development Company

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Built a Native iOS App for a marketing automation platform having 2Million+ users

Reelo is a loyalty program for small businesses that need to understand their customers’ purchase behaviour. We helped Reelo build their solution from the ground up including a native iOS application which has been downloaded thousands of times out of their 2 Million+ total user base.

Within the app, we have taken advantage of microinteractions, animations, and lazy loading to improve user experience and increase retention on the app.

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What is iOS App

12 years ago, in July of 2008, Apple opened its AppStore for all the developers of the world. Since then, its popularity has risen at a blazing speed. The ecosystem has become a gateway for startups, developers and large enterprises to reach out to hundreds of millions of people around the world.

The Appstore has generated over $70Billion in revenue for developers around the world (till 2017) and the figure is growing exponentially. Despite having a smaller market share in terms of devices, the apple ecosystem generates a much larger return on revenue. We have built chart-topping apps which have garnered Millions of downloads across multiple domains. Join hands with us now!

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Join hands to build NexGen Apps for iPhones, iWatches and iPads delivering unforgettable experiences

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Why should you choose iOS App Development?02

Find out the critical reasons why most CTOs invest in Native iOS App Development

First-class Citizen

Cross Platform SDKs rely on backers and the open source community to add native features. Working with Swift gives you an upper hand and a better developer experience.

Long Term Support

Historically, Cross Platform SDKs have been short lived and new ones come before one matures - such as React Native, Kotlin Multi Platform, and Flutter. Developing with Swift ensures that you won’t be left stranded.

Closest to Metal

Apps developed with the official language Swift can be optimized through hardware acceleration and other techniques. Native Apps are usually smaller in size and better in performance.

User Experience

Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines are tailored to provide the best user experience on their devices. Users are habituated to use apps built on these design patterns which become second nature to them.

iWatch Apps

So far, none of the cross platform SDKs provide any strong support for iWatch development. With the rising trend in smart wearables, iWatch Development can only happen with native Swift.

Universal Apps

While you're developing apps for the iPhone, you can easily create a version for the iPad with minor tweaks; and with Mac Catalyst, you will be able use your iPad Apps on the Mac natively.

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Combine business objectives, and technological solutions in a smart way to achieve better results

Enterprise App Development

We have worked closely with corporates to deliver solutions with a startup’s agility and the stability of an enterprise

Wearables App Development

Apple smartwatches are taking the world by storm; we help you connect with your users on the go

iPhone & iPad App Development

Our iOS developers are proficient with app development of all screen sizes: from iWatch to tvOS and everything in between

Product Development

We help companies and startups in various domains build meaningful and beautiful apps. We become an extension of their teams to deliver results

Why Choose SoluteLabs for iOS
App Development?04

Proven Track Record

We have built applications that have had over 100k downloads, have ranked in top #10 in healthcare in India, and have won awards as well. With our experienced team and a solid track record, you can never go wrong.

Domain Expertise

We have worked closely with multiple domains such as Healthcare, Fintech, Retail, Marine and Media. Our varied expertise across these verticals help us cross-utilize the experience for different domains and helps us look at problems objectively.

TDD: Test Driven Development

Depending on the product and the client, we help clients devise their unique testing philosophy. Some include rigorous TDD as well as BDD while some focus more towards the business requirements and focus equally on integration testing. This enables us to develop better applications while tailoring our skills to your requirements.

Mobile CD/CI

Using tools such as Bitrise and Codemagic, we save our developers from repeating manual tasks and automate workflows so that they can spend time in creating and improving features within your application. Automating mundane tasks increases developer productivity and gives you a better ROI for the time we spend on your application.

100% Transparency

When we work in a Team Hire or an Augmented Team model, you will have complete access to our entire team and we work together to achieve your product goals as one team. Our developers are proficient in communication as well as possess deep technical knowledge.

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