What has one year of developer’s life taught me 👷

Posted by Mansi Shah · 11 Jun, 2017 · 2 min read
What has one year of developer’s life taught me 👷

Understand and CODE, Don’t copy paste. 🙄

During the starting phase of our development career, most of us are inclined towards getting a speedy output, ‘by hook or by crook’ kinda approach. Monkey coding. But that is dangerous, very dangerous. ⚠️

It’s all in your head baby! 🤕

Calm down if your IDE turns red, it doesn’t mean that Lord Voldemort has returned back, just Avada Kedavra it. Relax and debug, there is always a solution (If not, there is definitely a patch, but keep it for the worst scenario, patches are not welcome in the family ❌)

Compete with your own self. 👽

Challenge your self everyday, if not daily, at least every week. Demand and challenge the better version of your self, it’s a good practice.

Accept challenges and welcome changes. 😎

Just think once, if you hadn’t got challenging tasks or a drastic change to adopt in your regular code, wouldn’t you be doing something that can be called data entry 🤔 These guys are actually made for our growth. 🤗

You’re never too old to learn something new. 🤓

Stay hungry, stay foolish. Avoid being shy to learn something silly that you don’t know, avoid overthinking of what people will think of you.

Relax and have fun

Well do I need to explain anything here ? 👻

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