2023 at SoluteLabs: A Year of Innovation and Growth

Posted by Karan Shah · 04 Jan, 2024 · 3 min read
2023 at SoluteLabs: A Year of Innovation and Growth

2023 was an eventful year, to say the least - personally and professionally. It was a year of learning, some acquired through experience (read as mistakes) and others through deliberate and conscious effort.

Goal Setting

At SoluteLabs, we started January with an ambitious 2-day goal-setting exercise with our core team, based on the book Scale at Speed. There were some intense, thought-provoking discussions, some fresh, and some over-ambitious ideas that we discussed.

We finally agreed upon a few yearly goals, only to be rudely shocked by funding winter in the startup world that had just sunk in. Still, we hustled on and ended the year with some wins and, obviously, a few misses.

New Office Setup

We re-evaluated our remote-friendly policy, and while we found no issues with the trust within the team, we did find that at certain places - there were a few communication gaps. Ideas could move freely and grow face-to-face, and thus, we moved to a hybrid work environment. To accommodate the growing team, we added an office space as well.

SoluteLabs Office Opening
SoluteLabs Office Setup

I always wanted a table tennis setup in my office, and I finally got one after 9 years of starting SoluteLabs. 😅

Client Success

Nothing really gears you up like seeing your clients succeed and your work being recognized in the industry.

Migrated to a Private Limited Structure

We started SoluteLabs as an LLP (a company structure) in August 2014, and 9 years later in August 2023 - we made the leap to become a Private Limited Company. This will help us be more flexible in terms of expansion, attracting talent and other benefits.

Company Retreat

We had our annual retreat, wherein we got team members (remote and local) at our Ahmedabad HQ and went to a resort nearby to relax and unwind. The team also spent a lot of effort curating the day, along with the award ceremony that followed towards the later part of the day.

SoluteLabs Annual Retreat 2023
SoluteLabs Annual Retreat 2023
SoluteLabs Annual Retreat 2023
SoluteLabs Annual Retreat 2023
SoluteLabs Annual Retreat 2023
SoluteLabs Annual Retreat 2023

New Clients

There was a lot of activity in the marketing and sales team, wherein we onboarded new clients such as NDTV Profit (one of India’s largest financial news platforms), Deccan Herald (one of India’s oldest English daily newspapers), Prajavani (local news provider), VTV Gujarati (local news provider), Fi Money (one of India’s fastest growing Fintech startup), Emertxe (Education Industry), and more.


SoluteLabs has undergone a brand revamp, and while the new website should be out very soon, we undertook a detailed rebranding process. Looking at details such as our past, existing, and future clientele, our work ethos, processes, and much more.

The new website and logo will more accurately reflect what we do, the work we’ve done, and the clients we are working with, and attract partners whom we want to work with.


Last but not least, work is where we spend most of our time, and we have tried to make it as engaging as possible for everyone. We organised Game Nights, Karaoke, Movie Nights, Diwali and Christmas Celebrations, and more!

As 2024 arrives, I’m personally really optimistic and even more ambitious about the milestones that we will together achieve at SoluteLabs. We have some really big plans for the coming year, and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Up and Onwards! 🚀

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