SoluteLabs joins forces with SoftmaxAI

SoluteLabs joins forces with SoftmaxAI to offer AI/ML services

Posted by Karan Shah

23 Feb 24 1 min read

I am thrilled to share a significant milestone for our journey at SoluteLabs. We’ve joined hands with SoftmaxAI, a firm that has proved itself in the AI/ML and Data Engineering space.

For the past 9+ years, we’ve worked with enterprises and startups alike to design and develop products used across the world. Working with clients on their Product Strategy, Digital Transformation journey, App Replatforming, and other areas has driven us to explore new horizons. It is in the same spirit and excellence that has led us to partner with SoftmaxAI.

SoftmaxAI, founded by Bhavika and Maulesh ~3 years back, focuses exclusively on Data Engineering, AI/ML, and MLOps services. These services are becoming critical for businesses to flourish across various industries. Their track record of working with some very well-renowned clients speaks volumes about their capabilities and drive to work with cutting-edge technologies, even within the AI/ML space.

Together, we will set a better stage and standard. Our combined strengths will enable us to provide a broader range of services, deliver enhanced value to our clients, and aim for more ambitious projects.

This is not just a simple handshake or MOU. I and Prakash will join SoftmaxAI as co-founders on their team, take up significant roles, and help scale both teams individually while leveraging learnings from each other.

We want to thank our team, clients, and the broader community for placing your faith in us. We can’t wait to get started on this new journey together and share the same with you!

Stay tuned for more updates - Up and Onwards 🚀