KOTC: An Evolution in Fantasy Gaming

Posted by Karishma Vijay · 16 Nov, 2023 · 6 Min read
KOTC: An Evolution in Fantasy Gaming

With India boasting a staggering 421 million online gamers in 2022, and the global gaming market set to reach a value of US$286bn in 2023, KOTC took the step of venturing into the flourishing Indian gaming market. King of the Crease (KOTC) introduced an avant-garde sports fantasy game. This was no ordinary platform; it beckoned players to utilize their sports prowess for a shot at real cash rewards, mirroring the success of their team picks.

By offering free-to-play games and, giving players a chance at lucrative rewards without any upfront cost, had a magnetic pull in India's value-conscious market. KOTC's launch marked a riveting evolution in fantasy gaming.

Challenges & Solutions

Launch Timeline:

The release was timed to coincide with the IPL season, understanding its potential for boosting user acquisition. From inception in January to a successful launch in April, our journey was synchronized with the IPL's pulse.

Planning Approach:

We adopted Sprint planning methodologies to accelerate the project, allowing the marketing team to commence promotional activities early on.

Delivery Team Responsibilities:

  • Continuous production release analysis.
  • Multi-device compatibility checks.
  • User experience audits.
  • Ensuring app accessibility and optimal performance.

User Experience Enhancement:

The team prioritized a top-notch user experience, aiming to ease the marketing team's customer retention efforts.

Technical Development:

A Progressive Web App (PWA) was crafted, ensuring users enjoyed a consistent experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices alike.

Design Objectives:

  • Create a harmonious design that remains uniform across platforms.
  • Develop an engaging, user-friendly interface to stand out in the competitive market.
  • Drive organic growth via unique and innovative design strategies.

User Persona

Through in-depth UX research, we analyzed target users, understanding their needs and preferences. Based on the research and to gain a deeper understanding of the user journey, we developed multiple user personas to encompass their diverse needs.

KOTC User Flow Diagram

Over 40 interfaces were crafted!

The foundational structure of the product was based on low-fidelity wireframes crafted by our UX specialists.

Mood Board

Style Guide


A core aspect of our design strategy was the selection of the right font style. We zeroed in on typography that not only matched our brand's voice but also enhanced readability. By applying this consistently, we cultivated a streamlined and user-friendly interface.


To ensure a unified appearance for the app, we crafted a color scheme of purple and yellow. The chosen palette resonated with the envisaged look and feel, of offering positivity, energy, and a youthful spirit giving users a visually appealing experience.


01. Onboarding

To enhance user engagement, we designed a sneak peek of KOTC's key features without the need to sign up. This 'try-before-you-buy' approach lets users grasp the app's offerings firsthand.

The streamlined and swift two-step registration, coupled with intuitive design elements, made this onboarding journey simple and delightful. This helped the marketing team gain insights into market penetration

02. Gaming Flow

We honed in on UX copy to convey messages with clarity, empowering users to make swift, informed choices. Our revamped information architecture enriched the navigation experience, facilitating intuitive content discovery for users.

The games saw a neat categorization into 'upcoming,' 'my games,' and 'completed,' simplifying user choices. Adhering to visual hierarchy tenets, we fine-tuned card designs and structured data uniformly across platforms. Vital information, like match dates, countdowns, team listings, prize details, and player stats, was presented in an eye-catching format.

03. Interactive Feedback

Introducing quizzes centered on sports knowledge, combined with intuitive instructions and captivating GIFs, offers users a delightful experience and elevates user engagement and brand allegiance. This helps amplify the brand reach through personal recommendations and social media shoutouts.

By rolling out features spotlighting upcoming games, the users are consistently informed and captivated. Such proactive updates enhance user loyalty, compelling them to frequent the app, which in turn paves the way for greater interaction and potential income streams.

04. Desktop Flow

A uniform UI design on all platforms ensures intuitive understanding and effortless navigation. This elevates user-friendliness, thereby fostering retention, customer loyalty, and business growth.

With a focus on user satisfaction by creating an intuitive and approachable user experience, we ensured a way to keep users connected with our product.

05. Admin FLow

Our admin interface was designed for user-friendly control, catering to diverse tech skills. Our goal was to democratize game creation and management, making it accessible to all, with easy-to-use tools to customize the gaming experience.

In our design journey, we prioritized key elements like team roles, affiliate marketing banners, and a streamlined game creation process. This reduced administrative workload and allowed admins to focus on creating captivating gaming experiences, enhancing the platform's appeal and effectiveness.

Development Phase

After the design phase, the project transitioned into the development phase. Here, our expert developers harnessed cutting-edge technologies like ReactJS and Node Js to bring the app to life. The entire process, from inception to delivering a fully functional app, was approximately 120 days.

At the heart of KOTC's success lies its exceptional UI/UX design, meticulously crafted by the experts at SoluteLabs. This remarkable journey stands as a testament to the efficiency and expertise of our team in transforming a thought from design into a tangible and user-friendly application.

Client Feedback

KOTC - Client Feedback
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