How is AI going to shape the future?

How is AI going to shape the future?

Posted by Karan Shah

7 Aug 20 3 min read

When did you last see a ROBOT?

What came to your mind when you thought of a Robot? Was that something with two hands, two legs, and a rounded balloon-shaped face made up of plastic or metal? A big yes or probably something similar to this, right?

In the simplest terms, this is what we call Artificial Intelligence. A robot working for humans is a perfect example of how artificial intelligence is going to shape the future. Every machine has its own intelligence, i.e. it can make decisions, after understanding the situation by itself.

Artificial intelligence is taking its place in a lot of things around us and soon it is going to be present in every machine that we see around ourselves. The day is not far when you would be going on a walk with a robot rather than your dog and you might be talking and sharing your feelings with a robot rather than your friend.


Imagine what if you wake up daily and there is a machine next to your bed, which will identify your mood and will change the color and surroundings of your room accordingly. Interesting right?

Yes, this could come true, as per the statement by a researcher at Harvard University, “We are striving hard, to improve the human-machine interface that will help us out to make intelligent systems that will directly be associated with a human in their day-to-day routine works.”

With the increased usage of the concepts and technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, everything you see near you will get smarter. The way we travel is going to change tremendously. As soon as we (humans) can design vehicles with AI, the concept of driverless cars could easily be commercialized. So, this time, the situation will be something like you are preparing to go to your office and your car will be waiting for you at the doorstep. As your car is intelligent, it will directly open up the doors for you and will wish you “Good Morning”.

It will then drive you towards your office. So without any hassle or any interaction with humans, you are on the way to your office!


These were the simple examples wherein we can connect Artificial Intelligence with our routine life but this does not end the scope of AI. It has a huge impact on our lives. Everything that does require perfection and is repetitive is already done by robots and those that require intelligence which is the power to make decisions will then be handled by the systems working on AI. The only thing now that needs to be incorporated into the machine to make it a complete human is ‘emotions’.

Once we incorporate emotions and feelings into these smart robots, we will create an artificial human. So now, the time is to watch out for what more can we do with AI and especially what will AI do more with us…!

Think Over It :)

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