Fitness Quotient challenge

Posted by Karan Shah · 23 Nov, 2014 · 3 min read
Fitness Quotient challenge

Fitness Quotient (FQ)™is a fitness consultancy firm based out of Singapore and India. It aims to provide fitness related services and we aim to provide them great backend services so that they can focus more on providing fitness related services and less on IT.

We are working on a quiz app which measures your FQ score© based on a questionnaire and gives your breakup of the score in five buckets — Recovery, Positivity, Activity, Nutrition and Prevention. Our challenge was to create a dynamic image for each bucket that one would later share on Facebook. We got our designers to do some great work and created one image for each of the bucket and the person will get an image based on the highest score in a particular bucket. I’m popeye btw :). We would take an image [without the score], calculate the score run time and with the help of image manipulation techniques with Rmagik, we overlayed the score on the top of the image. We then created a page that would contain the link to that image [stored on Amazon S3] and use the Open Graph tags so that all the social media sites would scrap the information correctly. We also added up twitter cards so that the image would show up when someone would share the same on Twitter.

We now saw that a number of people were taking the quiz their images were getting generated which racked up quite some space on our S3 bucket for no reason at all. Thus we went out and created all the 500 images possible and then integrated the same with our report.

Fitness Quotient on Facebook was now making rounds but the work was only half done. We wanted to create a personalised report for everyone who took the quiz and our designers again came up with something very beautiful and as awesome it looked it was a challenge as there were a great number of challenges in doing the same with the e-mailer:

  • CSS 3 would not work with most of the email clients [including Gmail and Ymail]
  • JavaScript would not work either [also cited as a security risk]

So the only recourse for us was to create the whole report as an image — with every part customised and deliver the final report in the email to each and every person who ever took the quiz. Thus we created the individual elements of the report and took basic templates of the report and started overlaying the individual elements one by one. The tedious process finally resulted in a very beautiful outcome.

While we made numerous enhancements, one has to be very particular while dealing with applications that reach out to the general public. We have received a great response on the work done so far, looking forward to greater possibilities.

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