Our Guiding Principles

The thought process and the actions that culminate into awesome products.


Give more emphasis on agility rather than predictability, work in a shared responsibility model to achieve product success. While we employ Agile Scrum methodologies to build products, the Agile philosophy goes beyond boundaries of software development - believe and practice.


As a team and as an individual, it is more important than ever before to embrace the latest technologies and methodologies. It is imperative to imbibe the learnings of agility not just in delivering products but in improving the skill sets as well. Thus, it is important to break norms everyday and not be caught up with the shackles of our existing methodologies, to come up with something better - keep learning and keep unlearning!


A great product can only be built with a driven, strong knit team - We believe that collaboration is a vital key when it comes to executing projects - startups and enterprises alike. Today’s teams are not separated by technological challenges when it comes to any communication gap, but rather through mindsets only. We focus not just with the right tools but also our own mix of scrum meets and stand up meetings to ensure seamless communication between our team(s).

Laissez Faire Environment

We promote equal distribution of responsibility between team members and thus instead of enforcing rules, we aim to move towards a less regulated environment. While none is devoid of responsibility, we believe that micro-management induces stress and reduces creativity and thus productivity. Our aim is to increase productivity through pro-activeness and self awareness.

Our Work

A portfolio to vie for, we strive and thrive to create stunning products

7 daily moves

7 Daily Moves is a uniquely crafted native mobile iOS, Android & Apple Watch application which acts as a personal trainer for daily workouts.

7 Daily Moves

remedy social

Remedy Social is a preventive health platform, that uses an algorithm to identify an individual’s health-risks, creates a personalized health check-up and disease management plan, and based on that starts engaging them effectively at a much lower cost.

Remedy Social

plexus md

PlexusMD is an online professional network exclusively for medical professionals and healthcare organisations. It is India's one of the fastest growing online community of healthcare professionals.

Plexus MD
more case studies

We Offer

From Branding to Application Development, we’re a one stop solution to your IT needs.

Strategy Consulting

If your only tool is a hammer, all your problems will be nails. Our experience across multiple domains and varied technologies help us in ironing out issues so that your product doesn’t have to go through the hurdles that we have gone through earlier.

Design and Branding

Design is at the core everything we do. We help you create user stories (personas and scenarios), mood boards, branding, wireframing, interactive mockups and visual designs with style and dev guides.


We’re mostly technology agnostic and work in a test driven development model. Along the way, we have developed a set of quick guides that help us in decreasing the development time and increasing efficiency.

Digital Marketing

Building the app is the job only half done. We help you take your app and showcase it to the world - we help you create landing pages, social setup and even SEO & ASO optimization


Our Testimonials


Our Founding Team

While Karan has had experience from an analytics background and building large scale systems, Prakash comes with deep expertise in mobile and design. Their complementary skills along with passion and a personal commitment to your product will help you ensure the success of your product.

Prakash Donga

Prakash Donga


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Karan Shah

Karan Shah


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About Us

Solute TechnoLabs LLP works with you, for you to take your idea to fruition and beyond - for in your success lies ours. We take pride in the work we do and the products we make. We’re an Indian IT company with branches spread throughout the world.

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