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Preventive healthcare is a rising segment in India and the market is estimated to be more than $100 billion by 2022. In today’s hectic lifestyle, preventive care makes a lot of sense. The idea to build a platform came from - What if we can help every individual start their preventive health journey at an early stage, suggesting them specific health tests, doctor check-ups and other preventive health measures using an automated free platform.


Product Strategy

Web app development
with RoR and AngularJS

UX/UI Design

Machine Learning

Background & Context

Healthcare costs can give jitters to anyone who is not financially secure. This explains why people keep avoiding periodic check-ups. With such negligence, chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, etc. get the better of immune systems irreversibly, and this leads to high healthcare costs. This couples with the fact that post 30, health issues start popping up.

Most of the hassle can be taken care of by encouraging preventive healthcare.

The need

At present, there are various solutions/tools available globally that address the issue of preventive care. For instance, the American Diabetes Association and the American Health Association offer a way to screen for specific diseases only. Being narrow in terms of disease screening does not allow to create a comprehensive mitigation plan.

There is a huge potential of an all-round preventive healthcare oriented platform for diagnostic labs and insurance companies as these have started gravitating towards preventive health-check up.

The Challenges

Deliver accurate, targeted information

The biggest challenge in building a health risk assessment platform is the need to deliver accurate, targeted information to end-users.

Healthcare platforms, as Remedy Social itself, play a critical role in a person’s overall well-being. So, we had to ensure the product will deliver detailed, error-free and custom reports on the basis of one’s personal and genetic medical history and current ailments.

SoluteLabs translated the excel sheet containing detailed, complex medical information into a fully-functioning healthcare product. Our team was involved in everything right from taking part in the initial validation, to the design and development of the platform. Our team did constant quality assurance to make sure the delivered reports were accurate.


Creating a custom algorithm that would analyze a person’s medical history, genetics
and lifestyle and accordingly generate mitigation plans was a highly complex task. We
had to ensure there was no chance of error here.

How we helped

We saw through the building of a product that develops customized mitigation plans, lifestyle changes and physician visits

When it comes to developing an MVP, time-to-market and speed are critical. Hence, our team decided to use Ruby on Rails to engineer this complex application that would be using Machine Learning and Algorithms. The back-end was scalable enough to meet the growing needs of its users.

How Remedy Social functions:

An individual can use the platform to take a 5-minute online assessment to answer simple health-related questions. Based on these answers, algorithms identify a person’s health risks and create a personalized check-up plan, a list of tests and required doctor consultations. The algorithm has been clinically validated and has proven to save up to 80% costs on health check-ups. Once the person takes the tests, the algorithms keep generating targeted health advice, and timely follow-on reminders to ensure that people stay on top of their health risks.

Key features

Get detailed health
reports by email
Periodic reminders for
Diet recommendations
Advice on lifestyle changes
Personalized health
checkup plan
Disease management plan
Get detailed health reports by email
Periodic reminders for check-ups
Diet recommendations
Advice on lifestyle changes
Personalized health checkup plan
Disease management plan

Making a difference

Remedy Social was implemented for a small organization consisting of 200 employees, where the average age was 27 years. The surveys identified 50+ individuals who were either pre-diabetics, pre-hypertensives, had sleep disorders, migraine or some other health issue. Now, this was the initial stage (meaning the conditions were about to develop). These individuals were advised to go for early health check-ups, consider some lifestyle changes in order to mitigate specific healthcare risks. Remedy Social was also instrumental in developing a comprehensive, company-level health engagement plan for that organization. This allowed the organization to better manage its employee healthcare costs.


diagnosed with pre-diabetics, pre-hypertensives, had sleep disorders, migraine or some other health issue.

Remedy Social successfully got 10000 users
and got acquired by

startup in the

Besides this implementation, Remedy Social identified more than 500 people (out of a pool of 2000 people who took the online survey) who were on the brink of developing diabetes, hypertension, migraine and other chronic health issues. The individuals were given detailed health check-up plans - recommendations on consulting a doctor, going to a diagnostic lab or a follow on check-up. This allowed them to tackle critical illness at an early stage and reduce medical costs in the long run.

While working on the web application, the product successfully got 10000 users and got acquired by one of India’s leading startup in the healthcare domain - 1 mg.

Technologies used


To wireframe and bring life to pen and paper ideas

Kotlin & Swift

To create native mobile apps


To create native android apps


To create native ios apps


To create native android apps


To power video consultations


To integrate real-time chat


To host cloud services including Databases, Servers, CDNs and more


To host cloud services including Databases, Servers, CDNs and more


To host cloud services including Databases, Servers, CDNs and more


Building data-intensive, real-time applications


Building data-intensive, real-time applications based on JavaScript.


Building data-intensive, real-time applications


Building data-intensive, real-time applications


Building data-intensive, real-time applications

quotesThey were one of very few people who understood the concept of my idea very quickly. SoluteLabs gained recognition for their technical expertise, receptiveness to feedback, and ability to transform an idea into a workable product.quotes

Purav Gandhi, Founder - Remedy Social

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